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Most Adorable Animal Greetings

Animals are the best at saying hello, so here are some adorable animal greetings for World Hello Day.

Sometimes, our human friends give us the cold shoulder. Animals, however, never fall short on enthusiastic greetings. They love harder than anything else on this planet. So, in honor of World Hello Day, here are some of the most adorable animal greetings!

Dogs are an obvious choice for most enthusiastic greeter. As the oldest domesticated animal, dogs are highly attuned to their human friends’ moods and emotions. They have evolved with us as companions throughout history. So, let’s give credit where it’s due to dogs for appreciating us, no matter what, day in and day out.

People usually think of deer as being reticent, woodland creatures, shying away from humans and living in their own magical, forest realm. One deer, however, broke the mold with his adorable relationship with Pennsylvania teen Kelvin Pena. When the 17-year-old fed the wild deer some crackers, the two forged an unlikely friendship which Kelvin described in a series of viral tweets and videos. Kelvin named his deer friend Money— “His name is Money ‘cause I feel like he deserves that name – money makes me happy and he did too.”


Tortoises are also known as being shy, reclusive, land-dwelling reptiles. They move slowly, retreat into their shells for protection, and seem to live pretty much forever (some individuals have been known to live to over 150 years old). I’ve even heard stories of a man using his pet tortoise as an ottoman! However, one Galapagos tortoise named Diego defies these stereotypes by being really, really, really good with the ladies. He is, in fact, the father of over 800 offspring, and is credited with possibly single-handedly saving his species from extinction. I think that qualifies as a lot of enthusiastic greeting.


Wojtek is an Iranian bear who was adopted by the Polish army during WWII. As a baby, the bear had trouble swallowing, so he was fed with condensed milk in an old vodka bottle. He grew to enjoy drinking beer, and both eating and smoking cigarettes. Wojtek worked his way through the ranks of the military by helping soldiers move ammo crates during battles, and was officially drafted into the army (and paid, somehow). He is considered a hero, and the official emblem of the 22nd company was created in his image. Here’s a “hello!” from Wojtek!