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Anna Cruz and Adam Lavigne Collaborate

Anna Cruz and Adam Lavigne are luminaries of Orlando’s DIY art scene. A collaborative artistic effort, and each a powerhouse in their individual practices, the pair’s zines, murals, and other works are a presence in a vibrant and active community of artists, makers, and other creatives. I first came across Anna Cruz’s work in 2015 as a part of Agencies, a feminist art show that was originally held in now-defunct the Space, a crusty and enigmatic venue above the Anthony’s Pizza on Colonial Drive that had mostly hosted punk shows until 2014. When the Space shut down and  Time Waste Management’s A Place Gallery opened in the “sister space” next door, Anna and Adam held their first collaborative show, Do Aliens Perceive Kerning? as the gallery’s inaugural event.

Cruz’s graphite drawings and mixed media works are intriguingly expressive, frequently employing text and sequential formats as well as self portraiture and subtle references to art history. Anna says about her studio practice, “My background is in painting, although drawing has always been my favorite medium. I like the simplicity that line allows for in describing form, and then figuring out how shape and color can play into my image-making without disrupting the drawing. Recently, I have been making work in the form of murals, zines, digital collages, and .gifs developed from imagery and text I find from the internet.” She lists her biggest artistic influences as Matisse and Picasso, as well as contemporary painters such as Dana Schutz and Dasha Shishkin.


Lavigne has an academic and studio background in drawing, and says he only worked with graphite, colored pencil, pastel, and other dry media for a long time. Recently, however, within the last year, he has started painting on walls. He draws inspiration from alternative and small press comics and manga, as well as artists such as David Shrigley and Dash Shaw. “The idea of a comic has always attracted me, but I always end up making something that’s not really a comic.” Lavigne and Cruz both list a week-long workshop with artist Aidan Koch at the Sequential Artists’ Workshop in Gainesville as a major influence on their practice.

Lately, the two have been creating and releasing zines under their imprint, Lemon Press, which recently had tables at both Orlando Zine Fest at Will’s Pub and St. Pete Zine Fest. The first title they released collaboratively under the Lemon Press name was Art Historical Survey, a zine of drawings created on samples of colored paper the two passed back and forth in a drawing-and-responding process. They are both currently attending a residency in North Carolina with other Orlando artists. You can see their work here in in town at the Orlando Museum of Art gift shop, where they have zines and paintings available for sale as well as the District at Mills 50, where their collaborative mural (a part of the show Permanent vacation) graces the walls. Follow them on Tumblr for a look at more of their work:  Here and Here