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Russian Ballet of Orlando Presents: The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is a fairytale of a child’s imagination, dreams and excitement, as Clara ventures to different places, with her Nutcracker Prince by her side. Russian Ballet brings to life this traditional tale of the Nutcracker, turning it into an experience you are bound to remember. Our Nutcracker is focused on incorporating the community, interacting with our audience, and creating a family environment that every family can attend.


As a young child, one of my favorite parts of Christmas was hearing Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite on my mother’s record player. Sure, presents were great, candy canes are sweet, and Christmas lights are beautiful, but nothing got me in the spirit quite like the Nutcracker. We would move all the furniture to the perimeter of the living room, and I would practice dancing, sashaying and pirouetting in my leotards, narrowly avoiding delicate vases and items precariously stacked on bookcases. My free wheeling dance moves threatened many delicately placed strings of lights and ornaments. I took ballet classes for a while, and wasn’t particularly good at it, but I truly loved dancing to the “Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy” and “Waltz of the Snowflakes.”  Every time I hear the opening notes of the overture, I am transported back to that living room, during Christmastime, a child dancing and full of wonder and excitement. 

A lot of things have changed in my life since then, but my affection for Tchaikovsky’s classic Christmas ballet and its recognizable score has remained the same. The only thing better than twirling around my childhood living room to the “Waltz of the Flowers” is seeing it performed live, by real dancers! The dancers of the Russian Ballet of Orlando are a lot more talented than I was, so be prepared to be dazzled and taken away by the holiday magic on December 20th when they perform The Nutcracker.

In the classic story, the heroine, young Clara, and her nutcracker-turned-prince venture through a kingdom of sweet things and Christmas magic brought to life, eventually taking their rightful thrones in the kingdom of sweets. What better way to experience this Christmas story than by actually seeing it come to life, performed by young dancers fostering the practice of ballet as an art form! The Russian Ballet of Orlando is dedicated to helping young dancers build memories, character, and lifelong friendship through their program of classical choreography, fulfilling their mission of educating the public and preserving the traditions of ballet and the performing arts. Help them fulfill this altruistic mission by experiencing the magic together with friends and loved ones.   

Orlando’s Russian Ballet is giving me (and you, and everyone in Orlando) the chance to relive childhood and experience the magic of Christmas all over again, this month, on Tuesday, December 20th, at Calvary Assembly in Winter Park! And because it is such a special, magical, and unique thing, we want to share the joy. We are giving away ten pairs of tickets to our lucky readers.  You don’t have to battle any mouse armies, fight bees, or travel to distant, magical lands, either, my sweet sugar plum! All you have to do to qualify is like or comment on this article! So, take a brief break from inhaling the scent of pine from your Christmas tree, and put that steaming mug of hot chocolate down for just a second, because now’s your chance to win those free tickets!

Bring a date, a spouse, your kids, your friends, or your parents, and don’t miss this opportunity to share the holiday spirit with those you care about, and support the performing arts in Orlando! Tickets to The Nutcracker are a perfect pre-Christmas gift for that special someone to show how much you care about making this holiday season truly magical. Make memories that will last a lifetime this Christmas, and enjoy the heavenly sweet sounds of Tchaikovsky’s most loved ballet.

Just in case you missed the giveaway, you can pick up tickets here: Don’t miss the chance to make this Christmas truly special, and to support our vibrant and dedicated performing arts communities here in Orlando. The show is on December 20th at Calvary Assembly in Winter Park, and starts at 7pm.