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Easy Outdoor Summer Activities For Kids #WorthDoing

YAY, SUMMER!!!  For the first week or two your kids are so excited to be out of school that they can pretty much entertain themselves.  But then it happens….suddenly, the phrase “I’m Bored” starts to be a daily concept for your little ones.  Well, we’ve put together a list of #WorthDoing  and Easy Outdoor summer activities for kids!  We know that Florida summers are ridiculously HOT so we made sure to include some WATER games in this magical list proven to cure childhood boredom….at least for a few hours.


Painting on the Lawn

This is a fun and easy activity for you and the little ones.  Let your child express their inner Van Goh and paint you a masterpiece.  Make sure you find a nice and shady spot so you don’t get too hot.

What You Need

1 Large Old light colored sheet.  Any sheet will do.  (You can usually find them at thrift stores and estate sales for $1)

4 stakes or Nails to pin the sheet down to the ground

5 or 6 styrefome bowls

5 or 6 paint colors and brushes


Drip, Drip, Splash

Consider this an amped up version of the classic favorite Duck, Duck, Goose.  But it’s literally so much cooler.  Same rules apply as with the old school favorite, but instead of tapping everyone on the head you simply drip a little water on each person in the circle.  When you finally pick your goose that’s when the splashing comes in.  The entire contents of the plastic cup are dumped onto the “Goose” head and they must then get up and chase the culprit who drenched them before they sit in your seat.

What You’ll Need

A bucket of water or a hose close by

Plastic Cups

Bathing suits are recommended

5-6 children.  (The More the better)


Marble Launch

Everyone loves a good race.  Bring a few inexpensive items together and you’ve got yourself a good old fashioned marble race.  All you need is a pool noodle from the $1 store, some masking tape, a bag of marbles and something to prop the launcher on for optimal speed.  Cut the pool noodle almost all the way in half leaving one seem together.  Use tape to strap them down.  Make Start and Finish signs for each end of the launcher.  Give the kids some marbles and let them race to the finish line.

What You’ll Need

1 Pool Noodle

Masking tape

Construction paper

Wooden Skewers for the Start and Finish Signs

Bag Of Marbles

A box of bench to raise the launcher up for optimal speed.


Sponge Bullseye

Sponge Bullseye – For this game all you do is draw a bullseye and assign a points value to each circle of the target. The kids stand on the starting line and tossed their sponge at the target.

What You’ll Need

Large area of Concrete space.  Driveway or back patio would work perfectly

Side Walk Chalk

Bucket full of Water

6 Sponges


Night Time Bowling

Take advantage of the long summer nights with some night time bowling.  No need to head to the local bowling alley.  You can create your own lane right in your own back yard.  Take old plastic water bottles and fill them with water.  Add a glow stick to each bottle.  Have the kids use a rubber ball to knock down as many pins as they can.

What You’ll Need

10 Plastic water bottles

10 glow sticks ( Get them from the dollar store)

1 rubber ball

Nice flat area to setup the lane

frisbee tic tac toe

Frisbee Tic Tac Toe

This game is fun and easy to make.  All you need is a shower curtain, tape, and some frisbees (All available at the dollar store) and you’re in business. Make sure you have at least 6 frisbees that are the same color for both players.  Take a plastic shower curtain and tape off a tic tac toe game board.  Use the frisbee’s as X and O’s.  You can use sponges for this game as well.

What You’ll Need

1 plastic shower curtain

blue painters tape ( Any color will do but it needs to be bright)

12 frisbee’s or sponges

At least 2 children to play