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Exclusive Standards Raises The Bar

Online dating is meant to make the whole process easier, but the truth is most dating sites are the digital equivalent to crawling through a noisy dive bar on a Friday night trying to find the one decent person in the room to talk to. And, isn’t that the reason most people turn to online matching sites in the first place? To avoid the tiresome cycle that is dating? The idea is that people no longer have to weed out the misfits themselves, the dating site is supposed to do that for you.

But on most sites, you’re paired up based on a set of superficial similarities – age, interests, or any number of boxes you marked off that may describe things you like, but don’t say anything about who you are. Exclusive Standards says no more of this. Now you can chat with them, pre-date and save.

How are they doing this? By raising the standards of who is allowed access to their site with an application process that screens each and every individual. They are relentless and unapologetic about this process, and no one gains membership without first applying and being approved. If you are a professional single no longer willing to settle for less, Exclusive Standards is the dating site you’ve been waiting for. 

Apply Today For A 30 Day Free Trial With Exclusive Standards 

Once accepted, each member’s video profile is uploaded to the site – so no more misleading outdated MySpace profile pics from fifteen years ago – and then the matching process begins. Their system does more than match members with singles who are just similar, they pair singles who complement one another.

Unlike the other sites, privacy and security are assured. On ExclusiveStandards.com, only approved Premium Members can view other member profiles, and members have the option to authorize a personal background check. With the approved background check, those members receive a verified professional stamp of approval on their profile. Even better, once you’ve found someone who’s caught your interest, Exclusive Standards offers live video chat. So no more dumping dollars on drinks and dinner for a date with someone you realize halfway through is not what you’re looking for. Now you can chat with them pre-date and save yourself a lot of time and hassle. So rest assured, the days of settling are finally over. Apply today for membership to the only site that meets your dating standards.