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For the Birds!

Central Florida is the perfect place to check out many different species of birds in their natural habitats! Here’s a rundown of our top 5 favorite spots to watch and learn about birds!


Our beautiful and naturally diverse state is home to many species of birds, including endangered and threatened species such as the double crested cormorant, the Everglade snail kite, and the great egret, to name just a few. Central Florida is also home to several rehabilitation centers and bird sanctuaries where you can visit these beautiful creatures in person, and also learn about their conservation and how you can be more bird-friendly! Here are our top five ways to make your day one for the birds…

Audubon Center For Birds of Prey in Maitland

The Audubon Center focuses on rehabilitation and release of Florida’s native birds of prey. They also have education programs for the public, as well as a beautiful sanctuary that is open to the public. The Audubon Center is the perfect place to see a tiny, adorable, baby owl, take a selfie with an eagle, and learn all about conservation and rehabilitation of birds of prey.

Mead Gardens in Winter Park

Listed on the “Great Florida Birding Trail,” Mead Botanical Gardens is a 47 acre park, large enough to encompass several different diverse ecosystems. The park also boasts a boardwalk, amphitheater, bike trail, and butterfly garden.

Leu Gardens

While Leu Gardens is mostly dedicated to the horticultural and botanical side of things, it is one of the most beautiful nature spots in Central Florida, and just minutes from downtown!

Orlando Science Center

The Science Center is one of my personal favorite Orlando attractions. They offer many fun, interactive  educational programs and exhibitions, where you can discover so much about our home state’s amazing ecosystems!

Gemini Springs in DeBary

I grew up a few blocks away from Gemini Springs, an absolutely gorgeous, 210 acre nature preserve in DeBary with a bike trail, nature trail and camping! It is also home to many species of native Florida birds.

So take advantage of our home state’s resplendent nature and diverse ecosystems! Go on a birdwatching adventure, a hike, or a camping trip this weekend, and learn more about what natural Florida has to offer.