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Sometimes, my personal favorite fitness plan is fitness whole pizza in my mouth. Needless to say, this makes it even more crucial for me to stay active to help my body and mind stay healthy. Jogging around my College Park neighborhood is nice for about two weeks in the fall, and then becomes unbearably hot, and it’s totally impossible for me to stay motivated under these circumstances. So, how to stay motivated, active, fit and healthy here in Orlando this summer? Never fear, fitness buffs! There are gym and fitness club options to suit every level, goal, and budget! So, lace up those snazzy new sneakers you bought when you made that New Year’s resolution to start working out six months ago, and let’s hit the gym!

Looking for more than just a lonely row of exercise bikes and intimidating weight benches? Need some camaraderie in your fitness quest? Look no further than the Orlando Sport and Social Club, Orlando’s largest organizer of adult sports leagues! They organize leagues for flag football, softball, soccer, sand volleyball, and kickball, as well as happy hours, bar crawls, and other social events! The best of both worlds, fitness, bars and FUN! Check out to learn more!

Boxing at Orange Avenue Gym
Boxing at Orange Avenue Gym

Are you looking to take your fitness and athletic abilities to another level? Are you ready to commit to a community to like-minded folks looking to improve their body on every level, with coaches who will drive you to excel to the best of your capabilities? Well, Crossfit Milk District may be the fitness community for you. They consider all of their clients athletes, and help them train accordingly, with a consideration of the whole human body’s physical capabilities and needs. Head on over to and follow @CrossFitMilkDistrict on Instagram to get started!


Is indoor cycling more your style? Do you want fantastic instructors, great music, and a great environment to help you on your fitness journey? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, spin on over to CycleBar Winter Park, the place for premium indoor cycling in Winter Park! The offer classes open to all ages and fitness levels, offering an unparalleled multi sensory journey each time you spin! Each ride is complete with amazing music, stunning video-graphics, and rider-specific performance data in the CycleTheater. Rock the Ride at and @CycleBar on Instagram.

Are you ready for the ultimate gym experience? Do you want classes covering all the basics, such as ultimate cardio, kickboxing, and yoga? Looking for a gym that’s close to home? Orange Ave Gym has a state-of-the-art facility, offers flexible classes and instruction as well as membership options without contracts and registration fees! This gym is exactly what YOU need it to be! Their trainers are dedicated, experienced, and ready to help you get into the best shape of your life! Check out to find out more.

So, whether you’re a soft-bodied pizza fanatic looking to do some cardio so you can not be out of breath after walking to the corner store, or you’re a committed athlete with a desire to challenge your body to its physical limits, Orlando has the perfect fitness option for you. From organized sports leagues, intense whole-body training, and indoor cycling, to a classic and convenient gym experience, you will find YOUR fit with Orlando Sport and Social Club, Crossfit Milk District, CycleBar Winter Park, and Orange Ave Gym! I’m about to start my new gym regimen, but right after this slice of cheese with pineapples…