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How To Celebrate Being Alive

In Honor of Human Rights Day

Life can be challenging sometimes. Occasionally, things just don’t go our way. However, we can take solace in the fact that this is normal, okay, and happens to everyone, and that we can control our actions and reactions in the world. Not to be cliche, but hard times are part of life. One thing that eases the hard times is helping folks out when you have the power to do so.

Human rights are one way we have been able to make the world a little less hard on people. We’ve come along way as a species, but we still have so, so, so far to go. Empathy is crucial, and is a driving force behind good in this mixed up world. Being able to look at things from a different perspective, and use that newfound perspective to make things a little better for someone else is one thing that sets us apart as human beings. Human Rights Day is a lovely gesture towards empathy and good in the world.

Not to be cheesy, but the movie It’s A Wonderful Life really makes me feel really good about being alive during the holidays. We all know story— George Bailey is feeling very down on Christmas Eve and wants to end his life. Fortunately, his guardian angel has other ideas. The angel shows him how many lives he touched during his lifetime, and how much better off the sleepy town of Bedford Falls is because of George’s selfless contributions to the community. (By the way, it’s showing at the Enzian today at noon.)

So, I guess my point is this— be nice to other people. Stick up for people who have it harder than you. If you can do something to help someone, do it! It will help that person, but it will ultimately help you celebrate life, and have a greater appreciation for this crazy thing we’re all in together.