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Is Dwight Howard Interested In Signing With The Orlando Magic?

After breaking Orlando’s heart a few years ago, it seems that Superman may be interested in coming back to Orlando.  Rumors are flying around that Dwight Howard will opt out and become a free agent this summer.  It has been suggested that Howard, who left Orlando with a few emotional scars has already made a targeted pitch to the New York Knicks and most recently reached out to the Orlando Magic. League sources say the Magic have heard through back channels that Howard would entertain a return to Orlando.

Will The Orlando Magic Give Superman Another Chance?

Coming back to Orlando isn’t Dwight Howard’s first choice in fact we rank 3rd on his wish list for a new contract. His first choice would be to return to the Houston Rockets. If Houston is not on board with that, Howard is exploring his options, and Orlando is on the list.  Question is, does Orlando want him back?At the ripe old age of 30, Dwight Howard is obviously seeking one last big pay out before he has to retire due to his age, health issues and style of play.  These factors alone will give teams pause about paying him for the next four to five years. Old wounds take time to heal and it seems that the city of Orlando still has a bad taste in their mouth from the last time Dwight Howard was involved with the Magic. The Orlando Magic reportedly are interested in  Al Horford who is around the same age as Howard.  Should the Orlando Magic bring Superman back or will his addition to the team be like Kryptonite to the current roster?