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Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Absurdity is defined as something that is so unreasonable or foolish that it could be never taken seriously. However, sometimes what could once be described as absurd (A reality TV star running for President is an example) could very well become an actual possibility. Politics aside, Absurdity Day is a “holiday” that is for the bizarre and off-kilter. Honestly, there really is no proper way to celebrate this holiday. In fact, actually stating that you are observing Absurdity Day is absurd in itself. Who really celebrates these holidays anyway? Wear a pair of jeans with one leg cut off like a pair of jorts and see what people say. If anyone questions your fashion choices say, “Why, is there something wrong with my pants?” If you’re not bold enough to switch up your clothes, you could read up on some absurdist classics like Samuel Beckett’s 1953 play, Waiting for Godot. In the play two gentlemen engage in several discussions all while waiting for another person to arrive. Spoiler alert, Godot never shows up.

If film and TV is more of your style, there are several examples from modern cinema that have plots that could be best described as absurd, but one that really comes to mind is the 2010 film Rubber.  French writer-director Quentin Dupieux’s movie is about  a sentient rubber car tire that goes on a killing spree. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Dupieux said that when he made the film there was no reason behind it, he just wanted to write and direct a movie about a murderous tire. 

Although not quite as out there as Dupieux’s Rubber,  more mainstream audiences know that Seth McFarlane has built his career on writing absurd characters and plotlines. Family Guy, American Dad, and his films Ted and Ted 2 all base their comedy on absurdist elements like talking teddy bears, dogs, and aliens. Not to mention Peter Griffin’s long time feud with a giant chicken.

Anything really goes for Absurdity Day. Want to put ketchup on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Want to wear a giant unicorn head while riding a skateboard near Lake Eola? Today is the perfect day to do it.