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Orlando’s Finest Tasty Treats to Celebrate Chocolate-y Goodness

Quite possibly, chocolate may be the greatest thing ever. It might be safe to say that the previous statement is likely an understatement, that’s how important chocolate is throughout the world. So, it’s fitting that we celebrate chocolate’s power over us by celebrating National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. Chocolate-covered raisins, chocolate-covered peanuts, chocolate-covered grasshoppers, chocolate-covered chocolate, whatever you’re hankering for, go ahead and enjoy it on this most special day of special days.

Luckily, we live in the Land of Chocolate, also known as Orlando. Okay, so that’s not our nickname, but with the countless numbers of chocolate and treat providers around town, perhaps it should be. Satisfy your sweet tooth along with a jolting cup of coffee at Blue Bird Bake Shop. The little bistro in the Audubon Park Garden District specializes in some of the best cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and other wondrous baked goods you’ve ever tasted. The next stop on the chocolatey train is Wondermade, a Sanford specialty baker that will deliver goods to your front door. Enjoy their chocolate masterpieces such as hot chocolate, mint chocolate chip marshmallows, and scores of other treats with or without chocolate.

Shocking as it may seem, chocolate is not for everyone. For these sad souls, we offer Kernel Encore, which pushes your salty-loving taste buds to the forefront. Savor popcorn balls, tins, and bars in many different varieties because this place has 250 popcorn flavors. Yes, 250 flavors means that chocolate is well-represented. If you need to counteract your sugar and salty treats, head to Dixie Dharma. This establishment, residing along East South Street, bills itself as “Orlando’s finest Southern-inspired vegan food bonanza.” Open seven days a week, you’ll marvel at their culinary creations. So, whether you love chocolate, enjoy a good salty snack, or want to eat healthy this holiday season, your cravings can easily be satisfied throughout town.