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Pamper Your Pet At The New Eola Pets Boutique

Put your PAWS in the AIR, it’s a party over THERE! Where is there? Downtown Orlando is now introducing a brand new pet boutique with offers your pup/kitty can’t refuse. Eola Pets (located at the new Artisan 420 apartment building, in Thornton Park) is Orlando’s premier doggy & feline boutique. Residents living in the surrounding neighborhoods typically live fast paced, busy lives and often times are forced to leave their furry friends to an empty house longer than they prefer. Whether you’re in need of a dog walker, training professional, or simply new fashion accessories leave it to the pet lovers at Eola Pets to be your pets’ second BFF.

Your Fur Baby’s New Home Away From Home

The concept behind Eola Pets stemmed from a passionate mother, Elba Santi, and her equally driven family. With an extensive background in retail, brand management, web development, medical science, banking, and military service, this family is bringing their mother’s dream to fruition.

Offering extensive packages to fit your pets’ needs, this family wants to enhance the lives of YOUR special friend(s). Specializing in custom, environmental, and holistic pet friendly items, your pet is going to be the healthiest four-legged friend in the neighborhood.

Eola Pets is offering several packages ranging from numerous price ranges. Such packages include: “Potty Break Packages, Socializing & Training, Over Night/Pet Sitting Packages, Holiday Packages, Massage Packages. Oh, and they haven’t forgotten about all of you cat lovers out there, there’re packages for you too! One of the most interesting features is their socializing package, where your dog can interact with other dogs to get he/she acquainted to new friends.

Whether you live in one of Downtown Orlando’s high-rises, Thornton Park, Lake Eola Heights, Delaney Park, or any of our surrounding neighborhoods Eola Pets is here to insure your pet’s happiness and wellness. Attend their Grand Opening Event on June 25th!

For more information, give them a call at: (407)917-7384.