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Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day

Top 10 things you should bring with you during your vacation to the past or future


We are all time travelers, going forward into the future at regular speed. Things get a little bit more interesting when we start stretching our understanding of the past, present and future, imagining what the possibilities of the universe might be if we weren’t so temporally limited. So, in honor of Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day, here are a few practical tips for your next journey into time.

1. Present-day currency

So, we’ve all thought about this one— bringing all of your sweet future dough into the past and living like some kind of sultan because of its increased value. 

2. Snacks you are familiar with

Nobody knows what the future holds, and food is a very personal thing. Be prepared.

3. Proof of your status as a time traveler (just in case)

Like maybe there is some kind of future court that will question your time traveling credentials? An ID with your birth year should do the trick.

4. Passport?

I dunno, might come in handy, this is all speculative, anyway.

5. Any necessary pharmaceuticals 

A big part of traveling to the past or future is uncertainty, and the last thing you want to be uncertain of is how you’ll receive the medical attention you need

6. A camera

So you can snap pictures of the dinosaurs, or the giant tire fire that is most certainly our future’s fate.

7. Sunglasses

because your future is SO bright

8. Time machine

So like, you don’t get stuck.

9. CDs, cassettes, reel-to-reels, etc.

We’ve all become reliant on streaming music like Pandora and Spotify, but who knows if the infrastructure of the internet will even be present in the future? Also, if you decide to go into the past before like 2008 you KNOW your options are limited.

10. A sense of humor