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Proposed Florida Bill Could Save Your Pets Life

For all of us with fur babies this new Florida bill could help save your pets life.  As a pet parent I know that there is no reason to leave your pet in a hot car….especially in the sweltering summer heat. A new bill was proposed Monday, Sept. 1, that would allow people to smash the window of a hot car if a pet owner left a dog or cat inside.

Sen. Dorothy Hukill, of Port Orange, filed the Protecting Animal Welfare and Safety act or “P.A.W.S. act., which essentially allows first responders, animal control officers, or pretty much anyone to gain access to a vehicle and remove unattended pets if the animals’ “health is endangered” and if the owners can’t be found, reports WPTV.
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Protecting Animal Welfare And Safety Act Proposed

Hukill’s bill would allow window smashing (with the intent to free a pet) to be done without criminal or civil liability, which means you can feel free to take action and save mans best friend from a dangerous situation.  The bill would also make leaving your pet in a hot car a first-degree misdemeanor.

“Pets are extremely vulnerable to heat-related injury or death if left in a vehicle, especially on a hot day,” Hukill said. “Individuals who risk their pets’ lives by leaving them in hot cars need to be held accountable.”