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Protect Yourself!

It’s World AIDS Awareness Day, so play it safe and get free protection from these Orlando locations. Wrap it up!


You can never be too safe these days. Why risk something bad happening when you’re just trying to have some fun? While there are some risks you just can’t do anything to protect yourself from (like, for instance, dying of old age while stopped in traffic on i-4, or having heat stroke because you thought you could get away with wearing a light sweater in December), there is one risk that has a really, ridiculously, absurdly easy solution. That risk is sexually transmitted infections (yikes!), and the solution is condoms. In honor of AIDS Awareness Day, here are a few locations where you can score FREE condoms in Orlando!

The Florida Department of Health has a fantastic condom distribution program. They give free protection at Department of Health locations in both Orange and Seminole counties. They also offer a variety of other family planning health services!

The Planned Parenthood Orlando Westside Clinic also offers free condoms in addition to other women’s health services, including STI testing. Their website also offers a true wealth of information on topics that are sometimes a little bit awkward to broach in person. FYI. Here’s a link to their FAQ on safe sex: https://www.plannedparenthood.org/learn/stds-hiv-safer-sex/safer-sex

The LGBTQ Center of Orlando offers HIV testing 7 days a week, and STI screenings on Mondays from 11am-5pm. You get your results in about 12 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about spending all day waiting around. They also offer information about getting prescribed something called PrEP,  a new pill designed to lower risk of HIV infection. This is incredibly valuable for people in relationships with HIV infected folks.

So, there are a lot of options out there to help keep yourself safe and healthy while you have fun. Get carried away in the moment, but not too carried away. Latex is the best armor.