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Red Bull Orlando’s #WingsAtWork Event Is #WorthDoing

Working your nine to five confined to a cube everyday can really take it’s toll on your creativity.Red Bull Gives You Wings and now they’re giving you a creative outdoor work environment#WorthDoing. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut and need to break out of your box, Red Bull Orlando invites you to Wings At Work! Grab your laptop and your sunglasses and get inspired by nature.  From 8am-5pm on March 16th Red Bull invites you and your co-workers to cop a squat on the lawn of the Dr. Phillips Center, get some fresh air and bring the office outside for the day.  Red Bull Orlando is creating an inspired pop up outdoor workspace where all of you downtown workers can break out of your every day routine.

Get Inspired With Red Bull’s #WingsAtWork Event At Dr. Phillips Center

Research has proven that spending time in fresh air, surrounded by nature, increases energy, lowers stress in 90 percent of people. “Nature is fuel for the soul.” Pair that with Red Bullenergy drink and you’ve got yourself a power combo perfect for creative thinking. It’s time to step outside and collaborate with your peers.  The Wings At Work pop up workspace will be built from scratch on the beautiful Dr. Phillips Center lawn making it a perfect spot for your mind to run wild and become inspired.

Red Bull will be bringing in a stage and seating for an area to host a Creative Mornings Orlando lecture session as well as additional speakers including Red Bull Athlete Steve Fisher throughout the day. Red Bull is partnering with Factur and Vudoo Wood by John Vu to build out the space with conference tables, seating areas and “living office space” where consumers can host a meeting, work on a project or brainstorm with others.  Get your coworkers together and make it a day of creative collaboration at the Red Bull Orlando Wings At Work Event.  After you’ve spent the day working outside, head to Ferg’s Depot for a Networking Happy Hour.  The Sugarfree Media Group Team  loves any opportunity to network, mix drinks and mingle, will see you there.  #WorthDoing