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Repeal Day: Orlando’s Alternatives to Alcohol

You don’t have to booze it up to enjoy a tasty apertif here in Orlando


Sometimes, you just want a drink without having to have a drink. When your appetite says yes, but your liver says no, it’s time to do some searching for a fabulous, non-alcoholic beverage. There are plenty of places to whet your whistle in Orlando without any fermentation!

Looking for a place to take a date that doesn’t drink? Want something that’s open late and isn’t Taco Bell? Trying to find the right mix of elegant ambience and a good, virgin menu? Well, look no further than Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar on Bumby. The name is rather deceiving, as their menu consists of delicious coffee and vegan baked goods, but everything about this place is cute, cozy, and won’t make anyone feel like a teetotaler for ordering something alcohol-free.

Maybe it’s more of a casual thing. Take your date somewhere totally kawaii! Chewy Boba Co. on Colonial is adorable, and their menu of bubble tea, milk tea, and macarons is sure to please. You can even buy an adorable t-shirt there!

So it’s four-in-the-morning and you wanna keep going and watch the sunrise. One problem— where to get a decent cappuccino this late? You could settle for gas station coffee, but that is definitely a last resort. If you’re anywhere near Fairbanks Ave in Winter Park, remember there’s always Austin Coffee! Open 24 hours and always welcoming lost souls, Austin is a great place to go when it’s closing time elsewhere. Or, plan your evening around an open mic night or slam poetry performance and get there before the witching hour.

So if you and your special someone are looking for a fun spot for a quick drink that won’t interfere with your drive back home, check out one of Orlando’s many unique cafes or coffeeshops!