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Santa, Baby!

A Letter to Santa Claus From a Thankful Florida Elf on Letter Writing Day


Dearest S. Claus,

I hope this letter finds you well on Letter Writing Day! It’s that time of year again, when your portrait is emblazoned on every storefront and merry jingles tinkle out of speakers, greeting us with warmth on chilly nights. I know you get a lot of letters from folks asking for things, so here’s a letter of “thank you” instead from your tropical elves here in Orlando, Florida.

Santa, thank you for always rockin’ that velvety red suit with the white fur trim, even when it’s like 80 degrees outside. And the beard! And that hat! It must get pretty uncomfortable when you visit us down here. Maybe I’ll leave lemonade out instead of cookies and milk this year.

Also, thank you for figuring out how to get into homes that don’t have chimneys— another Christmasy problem unique to our temperate, Florida climate. I am curious about your methods of entry— through unlocked Florida room doors? Pool patios left unattended? I respect your ingenuity as well as your complete disregard of breaking-and-entering laws. 

Here’s a special thanks to your reindeer, also, for  venturing so, so, so far from their natural habitat and climate. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Dunder, Blixen and Rudolph should try some gator tail next time they are here!

And last, but not least, a shout out to Mrs. Claus. You’ve given her nothing but Daytona Beach mugs, key rings, and a vanity license plate frame with dolphins on it, yet she still holds down the North Pole fort while you enjoy your Christmas travels. Look, she is even preparing hot cocoa for you in the Daytona Beach mug!

So, Santa, thanks for making the season a little bit more…seasonal here in Orlando. It may be 87 degrees outside, but we sure do have a lot of very merry cheer!

Sincerely yours,

A Poolside Elf