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Have Something To Say? Zine It Up!

It’s never been easier to push out your unique message, writings, art, and other content you’d like the world to see. The fact that you’re reading a blog right now is proof of that. There are countless ways of reaching people in a digital format through social media, blogs, vlogs, videos, and more. Still, there is nothing quite like physically having your hands on something. It’s why newspapers have not gone away yet, because many will never give up that familiar paper in hand format. Therefore, there has been a resurgence of zines in Florida, combining the liberties of digital format with the romanticism of print. It also helps people step away from the mass-production and commercialization of magazines, which rely on advertisements as much, if not more than, the actual content contained inside.

To celebrate the growing industry in Florida, fellow zinesters gathered in Orlando this weekend. Orlando Zine Fest began on Friday when young adults, aged 13 and over, learned the tips of the trade and how to create their own zines. Saturday, Will’s Pub hosted a community pop-up show in which many zines were available for purchase. If you listened to WPRK 91.5 yesterday, you experienced a treat, as the best of the best were read on-air. Finally, as the event reaches its conclusion, there will be tabling at the Grandma Party Bazaar today.

This third annual event, which included 25 participating zines, is proof this unique craft is here to stay. Making your own is easy. There are several resources on the web that show you how to make it, where all you need is a cutting knife, ruler, and sheet of paper. That’s it. Oh, and bring your imagination to come up with a catchy name and fill the pages with something unique to you that will be special for your audience.