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Exploring Orlando’s Low-Cost Medical Options

Today is National Pharmacist Day which honors the professional who is often the final member of the devoted medical team that’s attempting to get you healthy. It’s fitting that they’re part of the medical community because health care is something that’s on nearly everyone’s minds these days. Insurance plans are constantly on the rise, politically arguing in Washington puts coverage for millions in question, and prices of medical services and prescriptions are higher than ever. Worrying about health care does not help you if you’re already ailing, but there are inexpensive options out there, especially here in the Orlando area.

Grace Medical Home is a medical facility that puts patients above profits. This is often a buzzword-laden phrase that’s used to curry favor in the healthcare industry, but this Orlando-based medical home means it. Since obtaining its 501(c)(3) status in 2008, they’ve opened their doors to countless patients, families, and children within the community who are most in-need of affordable medical treatment. One of the tenements of their belief is practicing medicine in God’s image, and turning away no patient that can be helped because of their economic background. They accept donations and have volunteering opportunities.

One of the problems of our current healthcare system is that people without insurance go to the emergency room for issues that could more appropriately be diagnosed and treated by a family doctor. This clogs up ERs and reduces the amount of time that can be spent on the patients that are in most need of attention. With 30 locations in Central Florida, and growing, Centra Care offers an alternative to ER visits with affordable medical care services. You can have non-life threatening issues addressed including broken bones, infections, stomach issues, and more. Once you’ve received a prescription to begin to mend, you could be in for sticker shock. Many pharmaceuticals are priced exceptionally high, even for those that carry insurance. Some Central Floridians may not be aware, but Publix offers an extensive list of free prescriptions ranging from blood pressure medicine to 14-day antibiotics. No one should go into debt because they want to feel better. Using these resources can help to avoid this no-win situation.