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Thai Cuisine: The Perfect Appetizer for Holiday Dishes

The holidays are known for their culinary delights. From old-fashioned American main course favorites, such as turkey, ham, and roast beef, to iconic sugary treats consumed mainly during this time of the year including pumpkin pie and egg-nog, there’s likely a favorite dish or two for you to choose. Still, the same type of food created on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and the countless holiday parties in between, can leave you hankering for something a little different. To take a brief respite from holiday food, but without sacrificing tasty goodness, how about trying a little Thai fare? Namely, the delicious Thai food brought to you by Bangrak Thai Street Kitchen.

Winter Park’s Swine & Sons has graciously provided the venue for the second installment of Bangrak Thai Street Kitchen’s pop-up, taking place tonight from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. The first one was held on October 26, also at Swine & Sons, and was an epic success. Even though the last event was immensely popular, this one figures to kick things up a notch or two. Chef, and founder, Dylan Eitharong promises an expanded menu of all-new dinner options served by the same, familiar faces you met two months ago.

Dylan is proud to offer his unique take on Thai cuisine to hungry patrons throughout the Orlando area. Friends remarked on his skills inside a kitchen and clamored for him to make them meals. He complied, and realized he could make a little money on it, charging them around $5 a piece for a meal that would cost much more in the finest dining establishments in town. This up-and-coming chef keeps it simple at his pop-up restaurant. This is seen with the motto that drives him to continually fine-tune his craft: “Bangrak Thai Street Kitchen is Thai food for people who want to eat Thai food like Thai people eat Thai food.” So, set aside the green bean casserole for a day, and belly up to the Thai food bar.