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The Bridge District: City Of Orlando Makes Plans To Bridge The Gap

Downtown Orlando’s I-4 overpass between Garland Ave and Hughey Ave has always been the dividing line between lively Downtown and its’ gloomy Suburbs. Many of us “Downtowners” are aware that once you pass under the I-4 overpass that it’s best to keep your eyes out for panhandling and solicitation. Well, the city of Orlando is about to blow your minds with an all new prospective project that will illuminate the dimly lit parking lots and replace them with what Orlando is calling, “The Bridge District.”

One of the Bridge Districts prospective designs stretches over several blocks into five themed sections:

The Market:

The idea of the market section is to feature the district’s retail space and allow vendors to sell product. Similar to Lake Eola’s farmers market, but more brick and mortar establishment.

Ideas of a family restroom and a historic Church St mural are in the works

Events & More:

Orlando is never short in the entertainment department and Downtown Orlando seems to be the epicenter for events. 

A plan for a pop-up event space for live entertainment is up in the air, but some of the awesome features include a life-size chessboard, skateboard ramps, picnic tables, and even a dog park. 

Since this area is walking distance to many of Orlando’s sports centers, it only make sense to have landmarks promoting Orlando sports teams. This area may include, a “rally square,” “sports pillars,” and “hometown hero walk of fame.” 

Family Time

This area is perfect for a fun filled day, exploring our lovely Downtown with the kids! Featuring a children’s playground, Orlando’s first splash pad, food truck staging, and MORE!

Planners even want to break the world record for LARGEST sandbox. 

Urban Athletics:

Envisioned for this segment of the Bridge District is a place for recreational sports including, but not limited to: volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer, shuffleboard, and a quarter mile track. 

Parramore Gateway:

A section dedicated towards a heritage walk and mural, featuring historical figures and artwork. 

The overall goal for The Bridge District is for this area to become more inviting and less of a dividing line of activity. Now, we all know this sounds like a terrific concept, but currently the land isn’t owned by the city of Orlando. At the moment the land belongs to the Florida Department of Transportation. There hasn’t been a development agreement just yet, but we patiently await a decision. #WorthDoing