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The New Milk District Is Stirring Things Up In Orlando

Downtown Orlando is not only home to thousands of families, 20-somethings, business owners, and career folks. The surrounding Downtown Orlando community is home to hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful, historic homes dating back 100+ years ago. One neighborhood in particular that will be saying “sayonara” to countless, Orlando native homes is the Milk District. The Milk District is known for its small boutiques, quaint bars, weekly food trucks, and yoga studios. Sounds like a hipster paradise, but this community has been a staple for longtime homeowners and younger 20-somethings that prefer lower rents and unique homes that don’t compare to Downtown’s cliché high-rises. Well, some of the Milk Districts’ residents are in for a rude awakening!

Orlando History Lost In Wake Of Big Business

Adam Wonus, a multimillionaire has infiltrated the Milk District and has taken down 25 homes (mostly from the 1940s era) in hopes to replace them with multi-level townhomes and duplexes to reach 120 units. Wonus, a former banker, owns Atrium Management Company, a company that rents out nearly 500 properties. He hopes to transform the Milk District into a Thornton Park inspired community. You guessed it, the rental and purchase prices of this area is going to sky rocket. Wonus says, “What I want to do is help change Orlando.” He even mentioned that he plans on renting out his future townhomes so that he can have control over how the neighborhood evolves. Sounds like a major control problem.

Currently, several of the Milk District’s homes offer reasonable rental opportunities for residents seeking historic, unique homes. One of Wonus’s multistory townhomes (listed at $2,000+/month) sits next to a home that rents out for around $500/month. In an interview he mentioned. “This one I want so badly.”

Perhaps Wonus looks at the Milk District as simply wanting to spice it up a bit, or maybe he simply just doesn’t care about maintaining the history of The City Beautiful. We’ll leave it up to you!