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The Three C’s That Lead You To FREE Coffee In Orlando

Shout to all my coffee feins who can’t have a full conversation till they’ve sipped their hot cup of Joe. This coffee spot is one cheap date I definitely wouldn’t turn down. Did you even know this existed in your city? I love that first sip you take that sends waves to your brain cells, acknowledging your politeness to finally have a conversation with someone.

Downtown Credo In College Park Coffee Challenge

What a soothing feeling to know your caffeine fix is just a donation away. Downtown Credo in College Park challenges you to name your price. This donations only coffee shop. Is a 501c(3) non-profit and has been around since 2011. Why free? Credo takes pride in making an impact in the community. The coffee community is an open environment that has involved thousands of people in projects ranging from cooking classes, trash clean ups, vegetable gardening and playground refurbishing to design thinking. It always feels great to give back and an even greater feeling knowing you’ll be nice to your co-workers after your first cup of Joe.

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To add Icing on the cake (or should I say Caramel to your late) If your looking for a HOT spot to see some amazing local talent, Downtown CREDO Coffee has that too. Mark your calendars! On October 5th form 7pm to 10pm you can enjoy Songwriter’s Stage, which is an OPEN MIC night that happens every first Monday of the month. Click here   If you’re interested in going up on stage to perform. Just promise me one thing…. Bring your friends so they can cheer you on while you’re on stage. This is something definitely #WorthDoing.