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Tin Roof, Rusted

In honor of the B-52s playing here in O-Town on Roof Over Your Head Day, a celebration of all things Love Shack


Ranked #246 in Rolling Stone’s 500 Best Songs of All Time, the B-52s “Love Shack” is historically enigmatic, with a few lines that are as ambiguous and open to interpretation as any Abstract Expressionist work of art. We know for sure that the song references a cabin off a highway in Georgia, meant for that good ol’ southern lovin’,  but after that the meaning is up for dispute. However poetic, the song has taken on its own implied significance through its use in popular movies and tv shows— for instance, “tin roof, rusted” has come to mean being pregnant. So, in honor of Roof Over Your Head Day, let’s take a moment to speculate on the floor plan of the Love Shack…

So, let’s start off with what we know for sure. We’re talking about a little shack, off the Atlanta Highway. We also know that it is old, and most likely identifiable by a sign outside that reads “woo, stay away fools.” Real estate agent says, “adorable bungalow, perfect for young couple, located just outside of major city.” We also know that there is a trail of glitter leading to the love shack, from the highway, to the front porch, to the hallway, to the mattress. Oh, and the air conditioning isn’t working, because, y’know, it’s hot as an oven. Also, you should knock loudly, because it’s kind of hard to hear in the back. And, the most obvious feature, the tin roof (rusted!)

So, get in your Chrysler that seats twenty, and head on down to the Atlanta Highway, and keep a look out for a faded sign. It’ll tell you where to go. Or, if you feel like staying in town (closer to your own love shack), you can see the B52s play live right here in Orlando tonight!