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“Ugly” Is In This Holiday Season

Whether it’s fun runs, parties, or pub crawls, the theme that grows exponentially each holiday season is the ugly sweater. These colorful and garish selections often showcase snowflakes, Santa, reindeer, your favorite sports team, and any number of other themes presented in an eye-unpleasing manner. It’s not too late to pick up yours before Christmas. You can either be the hit of your family gathering this year, or the butt of the joke. Several area retailers will sell you some ugly sweaters. While you’re there, you can also counteract these foul fabrics by purchasing some fashionable wearables as well.

Avalon Exchange is part of a chain of five stores, mostly clustered in the Midwest, with the lone exception being their establishment in Winter Park. This vintage clothing store buys, sells, and trades clothing, jewelry, and bags. Since they have certain stock for each season, you’re sure to find your ugly sweater here. Perhaps the best sweaters are those that are handmade. Located in the Milk District, Etoile Boutique also specializes in offering local brands that are extremely unique and thought-provoking. Exactly what you should be seeking in an ugly sweater.

Stepping into The Owl’s Attic will be like stepping back into a time machine. Here you can relive the fashions made popular by hippies, disco, the 80’s, 90’s, and more. You might even be able to find your very first ugly sweater, likely worn on Christmas 1993 to the amusement, scorn, and ridicule of your ol’ Uncle Floyd. Providing a nice combination of vintage and fashionable, the selection at the Mills 50 District’s Retromended is classy and chic, but also has a selection for those seeking the, uh, uglier things in life. Déjà Vu Vintage Clothing & Accessories offers some of Winter Park’s most unique and diverse selection of products. In addition to clothing, there’s a selection of hats, purses, costume jewelry, and men’s’ selections as well. So, while your definition of beautiful might be ugly to others, you can’t go wrong with the selection offered at Orlando’s numerous boutiques and retailers.