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Unique Valentine Gifts For HER

Ah, February.  The month of sweets, love, and if you’re in a relationship, STRESSING over what to get your girl for Valentine’s Day. Here’s a helpful clue from me to you guys.  Even when she says she doesn’t believe in Valentine’s Day and doesn’t want you to get her anything….it’s a TRAP! Get her a damn gift.  Even if it’s small or only funny between the two of you, she’ll be impressed with your ability to read between her lies.  How long you’ve been in the relationship can also be a factor on the right gift to give so we are here to help you out.  Now, flowers die, chocolate makes you fat, and stuffed animals while they are cute start to take over much needed closet space.  Don’t panic, there are other options for your Valentine. We’ve come up with our TOP picks for Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas. These items have been tested and approved by all the lovely ladies in the Whats2hot office so you know they’re on point.  If it’s #WorthDoing….and trust me, Valentine’s Day Gifts definitely are #WorthDoing then has you covered!


Valentines Gifts For Her


Does your lover have super powers in the kitchen as well as the bedroom?  Give her a gift that is as sexy and cute as she is.  This Wonder Woman Apron will lasso her heart and make you her hero.



Want to get things cooking in the kitchen? This Aphrodisiac cookbook: The New Inter-Courses will definitely heat things up.  From old favorites to new and indulgent recipes to try, things will heat up with this fun and fruitful gift.

Turntable Everything Worth Doing

$50/Month WINE CLUB

Not all women want diamonds.  Wine is a girls best friend, so get her the gift that keeps on giving.  Starting at $50 for the month she’ll get to indulge her taste buds with all her favorite wines delivered to her doorstep.  



For the girl who always has a song in her heart, now she can have a loving reminder of her favorite lyrics and you with the Heartbeats necklace.  Perfect for the pop princess in your life.



Now if your girl is more into comfort than bling, you can make her feel all warm and fuzzy while you let the world know that you think she’s perfect for you with this FLAWLESS sweatshirt.



Does your boo think that music just sounds better on vinyl?  We agree completely! She may not need two turntables and a microphone to get her groove on but this vintage record player is just too cute to pass up.  Available on AMAZON

Tree trunk glassees


Carving your initials into a tree is a cute and timeless classic, but why not make an everlasting impression with these adorable personalized his and hers Tree Trunk Initials Beer and Wine glass duo.  She’ll get drunk on your love and think of you every time she has a glass of wine.  Extra bonus….you get a fancy new beer glass to boot.



Want to give her your heart?  Pick up this anatomically correct heart pendant necklace.  This is cute enough to be given to a new relationship or someone who’s head over heals in love with you and your anatomy.