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Wheely’s Coffee Cart Hits The Streets Of Orlando

Coffee is a daily essential in the Everything Worth Doing/ Sugarfree Media Group office.  You can’t really get the creative juices flowing without being fully caffeinated so imagine our excitement when we heard that an Orlando Tech Exec is rolling out a pedal powered coffee cart! Wheely’s Cafe is a full service coffee bar.  The cart has built-in refrigeration, sinks, and fold-out shelving, as well as a pop-up canopy and electric pedal assist to get the cart to where it is going. It’s literally a coffee shop on wheels.

Get Your Cup Of Joe On The Go With Wheely’s Cafe

Wheely’s Orlando is part of the Wheely’s Coffee chain, the fastest growing coffee chain in the world.  In just one year, Wheely’s has opened cafe’s in more than 20 countries around the world.  Orlando Tech Executive Director, Orrett Davis recently obtained his pedal powered coffee cart and took it out and about this past weekend. This environmentally friendly coffee cart will make grabbing a cup of coffee as easy as ordering a hot dog from the street cart…but way less disgusting. Unfortunately the proper channels and permits have to be approved before the Wheely’s Coffee Cart can perform it’s first pour but Davis is working with the City to get the coffee cart on the road this year.