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Winter Park Kicks Creative Street Performers Out Of Park Ave

Street performers are a creative staple in any major city.  From New York to Chicago part of the perks of living in the city is the opportunity to see and experience live entertainment.  Well, The City of Winter Park, Florida has recently rejected their street performers out.  The entertainers you’re used to seeing have been banished from the street due to store owner complaints.  Performers, artists and creative types are “FREE” to show off their talents in the “Free Speech Zone” located in Central Park and literally boxing in their creativity.

Thornton Park District Offers Creative Freedom To Winter Park Castaways

Thornton Park heard the news and quickly came to the rescue. Known for their love of arts and culture the Thornton Park district has invited the displaced musicians and visual artists that were castaway by the City of Winter Park to come perform on their turf. Thornton Park hosts “Rock Around The Bricks”  every Friday from 5:30-8:30 p.m. featuring live music and art around the neighborhood. Musicians who are interested in performing should email thortonparkorlando@gmail.com.